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As a major of agricultural education center in Indonesia, the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Education has the responsibility to participate in educating agricultural human resources and the Indonesian people through various activities and events.

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Indonesian Center for Agricultural Education (ICAE) has 7 implementing units (POLTEKTAN) across the Indonesia. In collaboration with Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, ICAE develop the agricultural high school through Indonesian Agency of Agricultural Extension and Human Resources Development (IAAEHRD) held the agricultural vocation high school on 3 (three) agriculture vocational high school (SMK-PP) and 84 agricultural high school (SMK bidang pertanian) under the regional governments and private sectors or foundations.

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The Republic of Indonesia Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo

"A country's security is determined by the food security"


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Mari hadiri Launching Genta Organik (Gerakan Tani Pro Organik) pada 22 November 2022 pukul 10.00 WIB s/d selesai.


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The agricultural sector has specific information and terms in a variety of agricultural activities. Voka-Pedia or Vocational Encyclopedia was made with the aim of becoming a reference dictionary for the ICAE of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, which provides a description of hundreds of information terms arranged alphabetically related to the world of agriculture.


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